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Marine Le Pen: A Vision for a New Europe


In a stirring address at the National Rally for the European Elections, Marine Le Pen shared a message of hope and determination for France and Europe. If you still need to watch her powerful speech, check out our video here.

Marine Le Pen’s message was clear: the rise of national parties across Europe signifies not a desire to dismantle the European Union but to forge a new alliance of nations. This alliance aims to confront the pressing challenges of our time—industrial, environmental, migratory, and technological—with renewed vigour and unity. Le Pen emphasized that from farmers to industrial leaders, there is a collective call to move beyond restrictive standards and punitive environmental policies. Her vision is for Europe to be the champion of production, not just introduction.

Le Pen highlighted the growing demand among European citizens for robust external and internal borders, crucial for safeguarding security, cultures, and identities. She criticized the influence of unelected technocrats and called for an end to the unchecked expansion of the European Union, which current leaders like Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen seek to extend further. The message resonated with many, as it promises to restore democratic self-determination and national sovereignty.

The upcoming European elections on June 9th are pivotal. Le Pen urged the French people to seize this opportunity to make a significant impact, as patriots across Europe will closely watch their actions. She assured that this election is a chance for France to reclaim its rightful place as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Reflecting on the past seven years, Le Pen spoke candidly about the struggles faced by millions of French citizens. She addressed issues such as soaring energy and housing costs, and the challenges posed by security and migration crises. Her candidness struck a chord, as she pledged to speak the truth about the state of the nation and to work towards solutions.

Le Pen reiterated her call for solid borders, emphasizing their importance for security and cultural preservation. She condemned the undemocratic nature of technocratic governance and the relentless expansion of the EU. Highlighting the achievements of French ingenuity, she called for a united France to once again become a source of courage and ambition.

The National Rally’s list of candidates for the upcoming elections showcases a diverse and talented group of individuals. Figures like Fabrice Di Vizio, Malika Sorel, and Alexandra Varro represent a broad spectrum of expertise and commitment to the cause. Le Pen expressed pride in these candidates, who exemplify the party’s dedication to providing real solutions.

In her closing remarks, Le Pen noted how the party’s once-mocked positions on issues like immigration, security, and industry are now widely recognized as necessary. She stressed the importance of national priority in public procurement and social housing and advocated for fair trade over free trade. The urgency of security reforms was a key point, with Le Pen calling for decisive action to address everyday concerns.

Le Pen concluded with a rallying cry for unity and strength. She envisions a sovereign and strong France within a Europe of proud, united nations. The story of this resurgence, she said, begins on June 9, 2024. She urged the French people to reject passivity and embrace the resilience that defines them.

For a more in-depth look at Marine Le Pen’s vision and the future of France and Europe, watch her full speech here.

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